Accessing CLIP


Access to a CLIP Voluntary Application

Access to a CLIP Voluntary application varies from county to county. Each county in the state of Washington has a designated Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) or MCO (Managed Care Organization) assigned to implement and monitor the delivery of medically funded mental health services to adults and youth in their region.


At each BHO/MCO there is a Children's Care Coordinator who are experts in their region regarding services available for youths and families. They are the community advocates with knowledge of addition resources and networks with other systems. They can also provide additional resource information that aid in the stabilization of youths within a home environment and prevent unnecessary out of home care or hospitalizations. In addition to their expertise in intensive mental health resources they are tasked with the coordination of the first step to the CLIP application process.


Steps to completing a Voluntary CLIP Application (Please note, process varies for each BHO/MCO. This is provided as a resource and reference purposes only.):


1. Contact your local BHO/MCO office

The first step to a Voluntary CLIP Application is to call your local BH/MCO CCC and discuss your child's needs. The CCC’s role is to listen to you and your child's story, this is done to informally assess what mental health resources have already been tried what else could be tried. Many BHO’s and MCO’s have additional resources available to you and your child. Discuss what other services your child may have access to and how to apply for those services.


2. Fill out a Voluntary CLIP Application

If you still want to pursue a review for CLIP and the BHO/MCO feels a referral to CLIP is appropriate they will provide you the CLIP Application to complete along with the list of additional documents that are necessary for a complete application.


3. Participate in the local CLIP Review Meeting

Once the CLIP Application has been complete the BHO/MCO  will schedule a local CLIP review (this meeting is managed differently at each BHO/MCO and may be called something unique to your region) which is a gathering of individuals across different systems in order to review, discuss and determine whether the child is approved locally or not.


If the BHO/MCO does not think your child meets criteria and you want to proceed with the application, you can request a review of the application and meeting review.


NOTE: Some BHOs/MCOs may have you complete Step 3 before filling out the CLIP Application. The application process can vary with different BHOs/MCOs.


4. If approved the CLIP Application will be forwarded to the CLIP Administration.

Once your child is approved by the local BHO/MCO committee your child's CLIP Application will be sent to the CLIP Administration Office for review at the State level.


5. If approved, the youth goes on the CLIP waiting list.


6. Once an opening becomes available, your child will be assigned for admission to one of the CLIP Treatment Programs. The assignment process will be done in collaboration with you, your treatment team and the CLIP Coordinator.



Involuntary Commitment (ITA) 180-Day Restrictive Orders for Inpatient Treatment (RCW 71.34)

Under Washington State's Juvenile Mental Health Services Law (RCW 71.34) adolescents aged 13 - 17 may be committed for up to 180 days of involuntary inpatient psychiatric treatment. Under 180 day restrictive court order, the adolescent becomes eligible for admission to a CLIP Program. The adolescent's name is placed on the statewide waiting list as of the day of the 180-Day Restrictive Order.


The CLIP Administration's Placement Team is legally authorized to assessing committed adolescents to one of the five CLIP Programs. The assignment is based on preferences expressed by family members, community team members and by professional directly involved in the adolescent's care. The location of the adolescent supports and the availability of beds within the CLIP Programs also influence the assignment. Once admitted to a CLIP Program, the adolescent may agree at any time to remain as a voluntary patient.





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