About CLIP


CLIP is the most intensive inpatient psychiatric treatment available to WA State residents; ages 5-18 years old funded by Federal and State Medicaid dollars. Private insurance and other income sources can be billed if applicable.


There are a total of 89 beds across the five CLIP inpatient psychiatric facilities. Those facilities are:

CLIP offers a multi-disciplinary team providing 24 hour psychiatric care. This team includes Psychiatrists, Master level social workers, RN’s, mental health therapists, recreation therapists, and other clinical experts.


CLIP offers medically based individualized treatment through the use of the most current evidence-based practices with a focus on reintegration back into the community, as soon as possible. Psychiatric treatment is provided in a secure and highly structured setting designed to access, treat and stabilize youth diagnosed with a psychiatric and or behavioral disorder. It is an opportunity to evaluate medications in a controlled setting which is unparalleled, and provides opportunity for parents to learn new skills and strategies to effectively understand and manage their child’s illness.


CLIP is a mental health treatment course and is not a permanent placement for a child to live indefinitely. The treatment team recognizes that youths will be returning to the community when they have met treatment goals, and works actively to engage those people who will be supporting the youth in the transition back home. CLIP provides an opportunity to work with CLIP treatment staff and community providers in order to develop the necessary supports and resources in the community to adequately support the family and youth through the transition and return home.

  • Child Study and Treatment Center (CSTC) in Lakewood
  • Sunstone Youth Treatment Center Burien
  • Pearl Street Center in Tacoma
  • Tamarack Center in Spokane
  • Two Rivers Landing in Yakima

Who is eligible?

  • Youth between the ages of 5-18
  • Legal residents of Washington State
  • Youth diagnosed with a severe psychiatric disorder
  • Youth  possessing a risk to themselves, others or is gravely disabled which warrants care under the supervision of a psychiatrist
  • Community based mental health resources available in the community did not meet the treatment needs of the youth


Contact your local Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) or Managed Care Organization (MCO)  office here.

Children’s Long-Term Inpatient Program for Washington State (CLIP)


2940 Westlake Ave N. #301
Seattle WA, 98109
email: contactclip@clipadministration.org