Pearl Youth Residence

About Pearl Youth Residence

Pearl Youth Residence is a positive learning place for youth, families, and staff. The program serves youth ages 12-17 from all around Washington state.

The program has the capacity to serve up to 27 youth. Treatment includes a multidisciplinary team: case manager, therapist, psychiatrist, recreation therapist, youth peer, nursing staff, and milieu staff. The average stay is about 6 months.

Students attend onsite high school full time in two classrooms taught by Tacoma Public Schools teachers.


About Pearl - 83% of youth discharged in 2019 completed their treatment – a majority of those decreased their behavioral symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Question

All children served in a CLIP Program are eligible for Medicaid funding while in residence. If the child has private insurance that covers psychiatric inpatient care, those benefits are also applied to the cost of stay. Read more about Medicaid.

The voluntary application process is a two-tiered process that begins with contacting your local BH-ASO/MCO representative. If a local decision is made to proceed with a referral to CLIP, the BH-ASO/MCO gathers all the application materialsand contacts the CLIP Administration. The CLIP Administration is the final authority for determining a child’s eligibility for admission.

Each child’s length of stay varies according to his/her individualneeds and progress toward treatment goals. The average length of stay 9 months. Children are returned to their home/community as soon as possible. The community partners including family, DSHS case worker, therapists, schools, etc., are expected to collaborate with the CLIP Program to assure appropriate discharge resources are in place prior discharge.